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PARENTS: You've got enough on your plate right now.

Teaching your child Spanish doesn’t have to be one of them. 
Just log in, and let our teachers handle the rest.

 Live Spanish Classes? Pre-Recorded Spanish Classes? Native Speakers? We have it ALL!

The ultimate K-6 online Spanish program that ACTUALLY gets your child speaking Spanish and LOVING it.  


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PARENTS: You've got enough on your plate right now.

Teaching your child Spanish doesn’t have to be one of them. 
Just log in, and let our teachers handle the rest.

 Live Spanish Classes? Pre-Recorded Spanish Classes? Native Speakers? We have it ALL!

The ultimate K-6 online Spanish program that ACTUALLY gets your child speaking Spanish and LOVING it.  

Save time and sanity
Once you register for Spanish School Insiders, all your child has to do is log in and access a lesson (that includes a video, interactive lesson activities, and much more)
A Lesson a Day 
Or more! With more than 10 weekly classes to choose from and a variety of activities and teachers, students get to pick their adventure - they can attend classes live to interact with the teacher or watch the recordings
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Our easy-to-follow and FUN lessons will help your children build their Spanish fluency, comprehension, and confidence.

Teaching your kids Spanish from home? We’ve got your back.

Spanish is one of the most important and difficult skills your child must learn -- and flashcards and vocabulary lists only go so far!

That’s why Spanish School Insiders is here to help parents like you; with easy access to virtual interactive lessons with a variety of activities that your kids can complete on their own. All designed to help your child fall in love with Spanish

You will have access to an exclusive membership area and students will be able to participate in all our live, interactive Spanish classes! Classes are held via Zoom and are taught by Ms. Sarah and our best teachers.

“I love that he’s learning more than just Spanish! It’s like every school subject plus life skills, in Spanish! And he loves all the fun activities and variety.” – Insiders Parent

Here’s what's inside Sarah’s Spanish School Insiders:

  •  Unlimited access to daily LIVE interactive Spanish lessons with native-speaking and certified teachers
  • ​Child-friendly private membership area with all past recorded classes
  • Follow up online games and flashcards
  • Follow up worksheets and activities
  • ​Art projects, science experiments, cooking, songs, cultural classes, and more… all while learning Spanish!
  • A success chart for your child to celebrate their progress

Other Information:

  • ​​Teachers are all native speakers or certified Spanish teachers
  • Students are able to interact with the teacher (via the chat feature) as much as they want to when they attend the class live!

But wait! I’ve even got Black Friday BONUSES!

To give your child the best kickstart possible, I’m going to include the following AMAZING bonuses:

  • Total Immersion live classes and Bilingual Beginners live classes included in your membership for free!
  • Unlimited access to FIVE additional online Spanish courses for your child, including Harry Potter Spanish, Edible Science, and Sloth Spanish (consists of more than 50 bonus classes. Normally a $247 value, included for FREE)
  • An Encanto Spanish Activity Pack for your child, just for fun :) 
“Henry loves his online Spanish teachers. He says they’re so funny and fun. The crafts (“arte”) in Spanish are his favorite classes to attend.” – Insiders Parent

One price per family, not per student!

(your child can come to any and ALL classes OR pick just one or two a week – whatever works best for your family)
No contract or obligation – Cancel at any time (although most people love it so much they stay for months and months!)
Get grandfathered in while there is still space at the lowest monthly price EVER!


How will I access the online classes?
Once enrolled, you will receive access to an exclusive membership area where you will receive the schedule and the links to the live classes each week. The membership area is also where you will gain access to the recordings of the classes.
What days and times are the classes?
There are more than 15 classes offered each week with multiple class options per day (morning, afternoon, and evening), every day of the week! But if you need additional class times, just let us know and we will add more to fit your family's schedule. 
I have 2 kids I want to sign up. Do I pay for them both?
2 kids? 3 kids? 4 kids? This is the best part. Sarah’s Spanish School Insiders is good for your whole FAMILY – just one price for your whole family (yes, that even includes you!) So, your children can do the classes together OR from different devices. And there is NO extra cost. Cool, right!?
Can I really just plop my kid down at the computer and let them learn on their own?
You can, depending on your child of course! Some kids do it very well on their own. Othertimes, it can be fun for the parent to participate WITH their child, especially in the cooking and craft classes!
I have kids at different Spanish levels... will this work for all of us?
YES! Absolutely! Beginner classes and total immersion classes are included in your membership. Plus, we teach in an immersion style and every week is a different theme. And our teachers meet students where they are at, so students of all Spanish levels can enjoy and learn from the classes at their own pace.
I want to learn too! Will this work for me?
Absolutely! It always sets a positive example and creates a unique bonding experience when children learn with their parents! Some families even make an event out of attending lessons together. Everyone brings their own notepad though… no copying answers ; ) The lessons, activities, and topics we cover can help anyone learn Spanish. Plus, with unlimited access to the lessons, you can watch and rewatch lessons as many times as needed.
My child is learning Spanish with a different program. Will this be a good addition?
That is awesome! And YES! The key to learning a new language is full immersion, repetition, and as much exposure to the language as possible! Sarah’s Spanish School Online is designed to work well in unison with other Spanish programs. Children will have the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned in other programs in a real-life interactive setting where they can get feedback and learn even more!
What is your cancellation policy?
It is month to month and you can cancel at any time, although 90% of parents that join the program stay for months and months, because their kids love it and it is a GREAT value! Want to hear the BEST PART? When you join, you are GRANDFATHERED IN to the price you joined at! So, your monthly membership fee will never increase even when the price of the membership increases as long as you are a current member!
What if my student is shy or can’t read/write/type very well?
That is totally OK! One of the benefits of learning online with us is that students who are shy or would not normally feel comfortable participating in front of peers or in a group are under no pressure. They can follow along and participate freely in the comfort of their own home as much or as little as they want to. It is OK to make mistakes or not pronounce something correctly the first several times. We provide a LOT of INPUT before students are expected to produce (just like when learning their first language). We just want students to feel comfortable, try their best, and have fun, and we remind students of this at the start of EVERY class!
Can I join the Private Facebook Community of Parents?
YES! Absolutely! We would LOVE to have you in our parent community! Once you join the program, we will get you the information to get into the group!

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